japanese culture

Japanese Culture, a unique world that gives you lots of “Wow!”s

What is the first image that comes to your mind,
when you think about Japanese culture?


A Samurai warrior with his sharpened sword?
A young Geisha girl serving a cup of green tea?
Sushi? Japanese Garden? Kimono? Sumo?


Japanese culture has many roots in traditional Chinese culture including its language.
However, because of some of reasons
such as the isolation period from the outside world during the Edo Period,
Japan has been developed their independent culture.


Today, Japan has been entirely modernized and industrialized,
you will find some new culture like Manga, Karaoke,
Game Center, new fashion and music.
Japanese culture is a mixture of traditional and modern.
Many Westerners say that Japan is a very unique part of the world,
a cultural Galapagos.


Japan is a fascinating country to visit.
If you are looking for something different,
or if you want to experience something that you have never had before,
you will find it here in Japan.
You will never get bored, when you climb up the Mount Fuji,
or even when you go food shopping at a supermarket nearby.